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CFUD Co-Operative Testing Initiative - 1

[Bright lights shine in your eyes; you slowly begin to wake as if from a drug-induced sleep.

You are lying on the floor of a large square room, brightly-lit, lined with stark grey panels, some vine-like foliage growing between the floorboards, and a few security cameras in the ceiling. In each corner of the room is a clear plexiglass elevator, marked above from numbers 1-4. In the middle of the room is a table with eight pens, and a short stack of papers. The papers read:]

Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in Camp Fuck You Die's very first Co-Operative Testing Initiative, sponsored by Aperture Laboratories. You will be assigned a partner from your fellow subjects, and the two of you will proceed to a different part of the facility to solve each test. Tests cannot be completed alone; they are built only to be solved through sufficiently applied teamwork. Once both test subjects have completed their task, they will be released back into the Camp proper.

Prior to the tests, each subject will need to sign their name upon the dotted line below, which indicates that you understand the full risks of Aperture Science's testing initiatives. Such risks may include: dizziness, faint nausea, dehydration, a sudden craving for honey, brief but intense periods of apprehension, an appreciation for Morissey, urinary tract infections, mild hallucinations, whininess, and spina bifida. Be assured that any injury caused on behalf of the Aperture Science facility will be tended to by an associate immediately. If you have any questions concerning the tests, please direct them to your Aperture administrator, who will be monitoring all test procedures.

x _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The following test subjects have been partnered:

Shirakawa Yuki and Van Grants
Takenaka Yuuta and CROW
Kivaara of the Kivat and Toni Ipres
Shiro and Okita Sougo

[A mechanical voice on a PA system echoes throughout the room just as you finish reading:]

Oh good, you're all awake. Let's begin shortly. Sign the papers and you'll be on your way.

(( PLEASE JOIN #APERTURESCIENCE for OOC communication and/or gawking! You can also email me at at gmail. Each test (there are four) will be posted in their own thread later. For now, we mingle a bit.))
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